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Hey folks! Prithivi Raj / Vesper is in the house. With another awesome Mi Product. Without any delay, let’s just get right into it. The device I am going to play with now, is not really a phone or a fitness tracker. This is a part of the Mi Smart Home ecosystem. And I introduce you, the Xiaomi Yeelight. Well, before I get into a quick review. I’ll do an unboxing. What can you expect from the packaging.



The packaging is the traditional Mi Packaging we seen in our mi phones. And at the front, we see the Titan or the Decepticon looking Yeelight logo and behind we see the specifications and the Serial number of the Yeelight.


Inside the box, we see our Yeelight wrapped in a cloth material around it. This is a way to prevent it from scratches and so on. and a small box below the product itself.


Inside the box, we will see our power cord to power up the Yeelight and a instruction manual on how to setup. On the power brick, we’ll see the logo and behind we see the volts and other stuff written on it.


And yes, this is not the traditional UK Pin which we use in Malaysia.  It’s actually a US2 pin, so you’ll need a international adapter in order to use it. (Recommended: Get a surge protected ones)

Moving on to our Yeelight, on the bottom. We have the metal base which has the components and so. On the front of it, you’ll see the logo again. Behind, the port to actually plug it and turn this baby on.

Fullscreen capture 352016 42229 PM.bmp

On the bottom, we’ll see the same specs written on the box and the serial number. and for the top, we actually see the controls of the Yeelight. The middle one is the power button and the oval / pill looking button is for mode. And the top part is actually a touch panel. Will get into that in a moment.


Well, that’s all for the unboxing. And here’s the shot containing all the stuffs. Now, it’s time for setup and review!


All you have to do is plug the Yeelight to the power source. And using your Mi device, use the Mi Home app to find your Yeelight and connect it. The light will blink to pair with your phone, you’ll have to press the mode button I told you earlier. And voila. All done.

There’s another app in the Play Store which actually is another official Yeelight app. It follows the same procedure, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


So far we have seen the unboxing and the setup. Here’s my thoughts on the Yeelight.


In terms of design, I actually thought that the Yeelight will be huge looking lamp on the desk. But really, it’s not even tall as my 1L water bottle. And the design is way simplistic with no complicated buttons on it and with its white top and the silver bottom, it can blend in with any setup you have. I actually have a black and white setup in my room, so you can imagine how gorgeous it looks. In short, it looks like the scented candle. But the scent here is the color produced by the light.. Just beautiful.


The Yeelight has a built in bluetooth. And pairing this device is more like plug-and-play kinda thing. Which is cool and interesting. Just plug this baby in and turn on your phone Yeelight / Mi Home app, and you are good to go.

This lamp might look small. but it has some trick up it’s sleeves. First of all, the lamp has 3 Modes. Hue, Flow and White.

  • Hue – Setting up different color you want for your lamp
  • Flow – a fluidic setup where the color changes like a disco ball
  • White – Not your normal white. From “brightening up your room” white up to  “romantic getaway with your girlfriend / boyfriend” white color.

And inside the app settings, you can actually have a scheduled turn on and off, pair with your Mi band/ Pulse – when you sleep, it will turn off, Wake up light, Night mode and many more.


Features, interesting ones that actually helps you so much.


Here’s the best part. You can either change the brightness of the lamp via the app or on the lamp itself.
On the app, Slide up / down, to increase / decrease your brightness. And slide left / right, to change the color of your lamp. And on the lamp itself.

Our official instagram, @miuimy.

Now you know why I told you the top part is actually a touch panel.

Overall Score:

A lamp which has the same capabilities as some we can find in the market and which cost ridiculously lower than it’s competitor. It’s a bang for your buck. As a technophile, I always wanted a lamp like this on my desk which can do wonders. And the Yeelight hasn’t disappointed me in any way.


I know you guys might be wondering what’s the pricing. Well, its not sold in malaysia. And this is an product from China. And in Mi China, it actually costs 249 RMB, which is roughly RM 155. As i said, its a bang for a buck. If you are able to grab one, go ahead. And I am pretty sure, you’ll have great time with it.

Fullscreen capture 352016 50409 PM.bmp

As always, thank you so much for checking out the review. Share with your friends / family. And I hope you like the review.

Thank you guys. And I’ll catch you mi fans in my next review!

Signing off,
Prithivi / Vesper.

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