So, I’m back with another review and this time, it’s the MIUI8 Global Beta Rom for the Xiaomi Mi4i. Now, as we all know the Mi4i is kinda the neglected child within Xiaomi. There’s been a lot of complaint about the absence of a China Rom but why would you want a China Rom for an internation device? The MIUI8 Rom for the Mi4i was released today around 12noon, Malaysian time and I immidiately downloaded the Fastboot version for easy flashing between custom roms and MIUI.

The overall experience upon installing was nice, I was greeted with my homescreen (I was using MIUI7 before, so don’t have the normal “Welcome” screen).

Now, as you can see, MIUI8 has *sarcastic* totally updated the homescreen and lockscreen. The lockscreen now follows the Android style by including notifications on the lockscreen itself (Don’t know if it was here before but I just noticed)


Now, notifications in MIUI8 had gone the stock Android way. By this, I mean look at this screenshots, you can finally get a nice popup uptop and you can click it…

The statusbar and notifications panel also has gotten a revamp. A huge redesign from last time. The notification panel this time was kinda a let down because it’s not kinda intuitive like before. But they let you change it to the “2 page” design like before.

So what about other features? Second Space, Dual Apps, Permission Manager (This was supposed to be an Android 6.0 and above feature but it seems they ported it back to 5.0). Well those features are all present, but I don’t recommend activating them when you first boot, let the phone rest for a few hours then you can activate. The Permissions feature ofcourse, was activated by default and can’t be deactivated.


Now, MIUI8 was supposed to be a huge update right? Well it is, bringing in a whole new design as you can see. The themes you downloaded from MIUI7? You can apply it, the system will give a warning about compability but you can safely ignore.


The calculator itself has gotten a reworked in the back and the front. In MIUI8, the calculator is fitted with these new conversion features and a revamped front-end bringing in a more iOS like feel. It now includes a percentage button, something we really need when calculating discounts *hehehehe*…


The notes app also has gotten a huge update in design, the new card design brings intuitiveness into the app. I like how it shows my important cards in blue (Those 2 blue cards aren’t supposed to be there, my theories).

The camera is now a lot more iOS-ish. MIUI has changed how the filters work by putting them in an iOS like menu shown up there and moved all the mods into a new page. Did you know, MIUI now includes the ability to capture Audio & Photo together? (Not a video, kinda like the Audio Pics you see on Samsung. Now let’s wait for Moving Photos).

The gallery itself doesn’t change much except for the conventional buttons redesign. The rest, is still the same (or I haven’t explored much yet). Your panoramic photos captured on our Camera can now be viewed fully in the gallery, without scrolling left and right! Now that’s something we want..

** The screenshot below is a test screenshot of the “Scrolling Screenshot” feature in MIUI8

Now the Settings app has also gotten a redesign by incoparating a search bar and a more organized categories. Sadly as you can see from the screenshot, MIUI8 for the Mi4i is still based on Android 5.0.2 in a time where an update to Android 6.0 should already be in the works/released.

The MIUI8 update for the Mi4i is a must, but that doesn’t mean you should go wasting your quota downloading it. MIU8 brings a whole lot of new features and optimizations. But it’s basically Beta hence Global Beta Rom… If you’re on this version (Global Beta), please update. If not, you can just wait for this 16th June for a Global Stable/China Stable release.

From your friendly neighbourhood guy, Haikal Izzuddin.

—— UPDATE ——

After a few more hours of using the new update, I’ve came across an app that I rarely use (by rarely I mean never), the Scanner app. At first glance, why would I need a scanner app when the camera can scan qr codes? Well, the scanner app can actually scan documents and business cards, ain’t that convenient? Haven’t tested it myself though…


Alright, the design of the app was good. I was able to get around pretty easy since most of the stuff is on the bottom bar. The scanner app has actually gotten faster, 10-20% faster than before. That’s good!

Now onto the second app, this one is kinda essential to any Xiaomi user I guess, the Themes app. The app has gotten a nice facelift rather than that dull looking white color in MIUI7, it now follows a bluish theme.

I wouldn’t say that this is a great improvement because they haven’t yet implemented the most requested feature, the ability to change fonts. Isn’t that a shame? Other than that, you can now customize your theme, just click that “group of people” icon on the top left and click Themes, you can change like Bootanimation, Icons, and such there.

 The Messaging app, is a part of history now since apps like Whatsapp and Telegram have taken over but this doesn’t mean some of us doesn’t use the Messaging app. First, the new design for the header is nice, streamlined with MIUI’s new philosophy of playing with colors. Next is the card design of the messages, personally I like it, fit’s with the whole iOS-feel…

Yeah, kept finishing my quota… That’s why we have WiFi. So I guess this is the end of the update, if there is anymore to MIUI8 you guys wanted me to explore into, comment below and I’ll try it out. Till then…

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  1. Hi just wondering if this Miui 8 solved the heating issue?
    Also, I read that there are a lot of bugs for the Mini 8 Global Stable. Is it true?

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