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Introducing the New Mijia Electrical Scooter

Good day MIUIers,

We have a new product released by Mijia early today and it is our pleasure to share this newly product with all of you. There are a lot of speculations about this new product, most of them have suggested that it will be something to do with the electrical transport device. Before we further introduce about the new product, let us have a look on the teaser released by Mijia for the past 2 days!

From the above picture, we are able to see that this new Mijia product can depart at any time range and it is free of charge! Well, if you call for a taxi or even by public transport, you will still have to pay for it, isn’t it? Now this is something ELSE!

This is the 2nd picture released by Mijia in their official Weibo Account. Some of the features of this product have been revealed! From the picture itself, it is written that the product is equipped with E-ABS system, cruise control, together with the brake energy recovery system. Pretty cool!

Enough of all the teasers, let us reveal the true identity of this product! Introducing the latest Mijia product—- Mi Electrical Scooter! It is made up of aluminium alloy which is widely in used in manufacturing the aircraft. The highest speed of this electrical scooter can reach as maximum as 25km/h with an instantaneous power of 500 W. In addition, the electrical scooter is equipped with the LG 1850 EV-lithium ion battery with a battery capacity of 280Wh. It is also having the EABS,dual braking system which ensures that the braking distance can be controlled within 4 meters.

Mi Electrical Scooter will have 2 types of colour, which is black and white version. The design of this electrical scooter looks simple, which is kind of like a tradition for all Mijia products until today, but to achieve such beautiful and yet simple design, a lot of tough works are being done! You can fold the scooter within 3 seconds, thanks to the unique design of the folding lock, it saves your time for transporting the scooter in and out easily! Plus, Mi Electrical Scooter is equipped with the Kinetic Energy Recovery System(KERS), an automatic system which convert the kinetic energy(moving vehicle) into electrical energy, which in returns will further increase the battery life. You can adjust the value for this system according to your cycling habit, through the app itself.

When you switch on the electrical scooter, it will show you the battery life left. Also, you can monitor each and every battery condition easily, thanks to the smart BMS battery control system and with synchronizing with the app, it will give out notification in case there is something wrong with the battery itself, in order to provide you with a safety and comfort travel condition.

Mi Electrical Scooter can be paired with your smartphone through bluetooth connection too! You can monitor everything such as the speed of the ride, battery life, battery health and so on. Also, you may use the smartphone to apply firmware upgrade on the Mi Electrical Scooter, so that you could have a wonderful riding moment ever! So, how heavy will it be? The weight of Mi Electrical Scooter is only 12.5kg, you need not to worry about having a harsh time just to bring the scooter along with you!

Mi Electrical Scooter will be available on 15th December 2016 at 10:00 am (Beijing Time) with a selling price of 1999 yuan (~RM1300)! Would you get one for yourself and take a ride on it? Stay tuned for more awesome products from Mijia in future!

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  1. hi, i just wonder is it practical and safe to ride in Malaysia? does it able to handle to road condition in Malaysia?

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