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Dear Mi fans,

It’s the big day! Xiaomi is launching a new Mi phone and an updated version of MIUI, that’s Mi Max and MIUI 8. Whether it is making a new phone or redesign the operating system, Xiaomi is always striving to make everyone enjoy the fun of technology.

Arif Ishak May 10, 20164:01 pm

MIUI 8 and Mi Max launching ceremony was over. If you want the wallpaper used on Mi Max, download through this link

Arif Ishak May 10, 20163:50 pm

Mi Max Price
3GB+32GB, Snapdragon 650 = RMB 1499 (~RM935)
3GB+64GB, Snapdragon 652 = RMB 1699 (~RM1055)
4GB+128GB, Snapdragon 652 = RMB 1999 (~RM1250)

Arif Ishak May 10, 20163:43 pm

Mi Max full specifications

Arif Ishak May 10, 20163:39 pm

Big displays need big batteries! Mi Max has 4850mAh for all-day use. Powers on Snapdragon 650/652.

Arif Ishak May 10, 20163:24 pm
MiMax is housed in a metal body that comes in 3 colors – Silver, Gold and Dark grey. Which is your favourite?
Arif Ishak May 10, 20163:21 pm

More photos of Mi Max

Arif Ishak May 10, 20163:19 pm

Meet Mi Max, our largest smartphone yet. Massive 6.44″ display in a slim 7.5mm body that fits in your pocket.

Arif Ishak May 10, 20163:15 pm

Mi Max features a 6.44-inch display

Arif Ishak May 10, 20163:13 pm

Now its time to introduce Mi Max

Arif Ishak May 10, 20163:08 pm

Finally, its about the MIUI 8 release date. May 16, MIUI Forum invited to participate in closed beta forum users; June 1, open beta; June 17, MIUI 8 into the Developer Edition.

Arif Ishak May 10, 20163:07 pm

MIUI 8, is easy to use

Arif Ishak May 10, 20162:59 pm

Arif Ishak May 10, 20162:45 pm

Scanner – Generate Wechat/Alipay QR codes, shop on Taobao, solve math problems. Darn, needed this in school!

Arif Ishak May 10, 20162:40 pm

Share beautiful Notes templates. Make advanced calculations/ conversions. MIUI8 packs more fun, and more functions.

Arif Ishak May 10, 20162:33 pm

Doodle. Filter. Add stickers. Crop. Create a music video. Swipe up to share. Gallery does so much more on MIUI8

Arif Ishak May 10, 20162:32 pm

Gallery app been redesigned added with more features

Arif Ishak May 10, 20162:26 pm

Album is MIUI application which frequently use.

Arif Ishak May 10, 20162:23 pm

Wallpaper Carousel sends beautiful images to your lock screen daily. Select from over 12 image categories.

Arif Ishak May 10, 20162:20 pm

Xiaomi created their own custom Chinese font for a better mobile reading experience. 27533 characters, what a feat!

Arif Ishak May 10, 20162:13 pm

Xiaomi launching MIUI8. User friendly interface gets even better and has a new design upgrade!

Arif Ishak May 10, 20162:11 pm

MIUI 8 brings a whole new design.

Arif Ishak May 10, 20162:05 pm

now more than 200 million MIUI users worldwide

Arif Ishak May 10, 20161:46 pm

MiFans travel from all over China to attend the event today.

Arif Ishak May 10, 20161:44 pm
It seems that one of our admin has arrived at the launching event.

Arif Ishak May 10, 201612:57 pm

Timeline for MIUI8 as followed:

16th May, Alpha testers are invited
1st June, Open for beta testing
17th June: Developer ROM release

Supported Devices; Xiaomi 2/2s/3/ 4 /4s/ 5/ Max, Redmi, Redmi Note and Xiaomi Note ALL SERIES!!!

Arif Ishak May 10, 201612:50 pm

Arif Ishak May 10, 201612:49 pm

Arif Ishak May 10, 201612:46 pm

Arif Ishak May 10, 201612:45 pm

They have redesigned many frequently used apps like Camera, Notes, Phone, Calculator and others. Let us show you the new Phone app of MIUI 8 today. Do you like it? Share your thoughts with us in the comment!

Arif Ishak May 10, 201612:44 pm

It is said the poster below conveys all-new design concept of MIUI 8. What inspiration can you get out of it?

Arif Ishak May 10, 201612:43 pm

Evolving from the first version in 2010, MIUI has served as the operating system for over 150 million across the globe. I am sure all of your devices have updated to the latest version of MIUI 7, no matter you are using stable or developer ROMs.
On May 10, we will introduce you MIUI 8, with the features you always wanted and new designs beyond your imagination. New design, with new experience.

Arif Ishak May 10, 201612:40 pm

As the time draws closer to the new Product Launch of the Mi Max, and an exciting new MIUI 8 ROM , in less than 3 hours time in China Beijing. Yesterday, Xiaomi’s CEO, Mr. Lei Bin leaked some teaser photos of the actual Mi Max , and the background colours possible hint the different vibrant colours the Mi Max would be available in!

Arif Ishak May 10, 201612:35 pm

With just a few days to the Xiaomi Mi Max Launch Event, CEO Lei Jun has upped the hype by releasing a teaser poster for the Mi Max on weibo. The teaser shows the side profile of the upcoming phablet with the power button and the volume rocker also visible. What catches the eye is the slim and sleek metal body of the phone that gives it a very classy and chic look.

Arif Ishak May 10, 201612:33 pm

This is the first teaser regarding Xiaomi Mi Max

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  1. i just want to know when mi max will release in malaysia/singapore only.
    every good news about it but not available to buy is all pointless.

  2. Is it true that Mi Max launched in India facing wifi issues ? Hope that we are not going to face the same problem here…

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