Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic – Unboxing & Review!


Hey guys. How’s everyone doing? So, today we are looking at Xiaomi’s new In Ear Headphones Basic. And Today I will be unboxing and giving my opinion on this very headphone. Let’s dive in!



On the front of the box, we have the Basic Headphones picture drawn out. Very Clean.


On the back, we have some information written in mandarin, but this time thank god. They included an English version too. Thank you so much for that. The color that we’ll be looking at is the Silver ones.



So here’s the specs written in English. You can read it. And, The manufacturer of not only these pair of headphones but also all the other headphones Mi sells is by a company called 1More. They make good pair of headphones at a very reasonable price. They have their very own lineup which you can check it out at their site. Anyways, back over here. Now, let’s see what’s inside the box.


First, you’ll see the Manual which is in Mandarin with some English sentences written on it, such as “For warranty information, please visit”. That’s pretty much it.


We have the extra ear tips, Small and Large in this small plastic cover.


And finally the headphone it self. As you could see, it actually follows the similar pattern as the In Ear Pro that was released last year. Very comfortable. Fits nice and snug. There’s a major overhaul in this particular variant. Instead of using a Kevlar Reinforced round cable or any kind of round cable, they use the flat style cable. It is known for its tangle free nature. Good stuff. As this is a basic headphone, you will only get one button on your remote. Which is only for Play/Pause songs or Attend calls. This headphones has a 32 OHM Speaker Impedance & 5mW Power. If you compare with the previous piston, lets say V2, the speaker Impedance was just 16 OHM (Lower than the current Basic) but the Rated power was the same.

Songs listened using these pair of headphones:

These are some music that I played across all my devices.

  1. Ride – Lowell Feat. Icona Pop
  2. Hurricane – Halsey
  3. Breathe Into Me – Marian Hill
  4. Battle Cry – Havana Brown
  5. Sally – Hardwell (EDM)
  6. Origins – Don Diablo (EDM)
  7. Horns – Bryce Fox
  8. Love Addiction – Ella (Mandapop)
  9. Overdose – EXO-K (K-POP)
  10. Thalli Pogathey – AYM (Tamil)



The In ear handled it perfectly good. The bass and the response was good without any EQ alteration. When I enabled my Custom EQ, which has high level of bass and Surround Sound, the headphones did a good job. But… There is one problem. All these songs was played under like 50% volume. As soon as you increase the volume to the max (Without any EQ), the vocals pitch is too sharp where it could trigger some sort of pain or headache. With my Custom EQ, the sound was okay ish. But I had to alter a lot, just to make sure that that vocals is good enough to listen. That’s the only problem I faced with these.

I wasn’t bother just to see one button on my remote, just to play and pause. Because I barely use the remote on any headphones that I’ve used so far. I prefer controlling my music via my phone rather use the remote. So, yeap.

Tangle free much? Yes, pretty much. Out of 5 times that I kept in my pocket, it came out tangle free like 4 times.

The earpiece is pretty much heavy and has the feel to it. The brushed aluminium look gives a classy look that could make heads turn. But who’s gonna look in your ears what you are wearing anyway? If you do then good for you.


So, Here’s my final opinion. If you are looking for a cheap pair of headphones that doesn’t break the bank, these Basic In Ears is the way to go. But one thing is, it’s not available in Malaysia. So you might have to import it yourself or you could find a third party seller here in Malaysia.

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This is Prithivi Raj / Vesper
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